Friday, December 21, 2012

Project "Yes, You WILL Carry My Book".

You know when you get a "No", but you had your heart set on a "Yes", so you take your friends and go to The World's Biggest Bookstore, sign a copy of each of your books, clear a small spot in the Humor section for them, and leave?

Well I do. I've always been consumed by, "I wonder what would happen if", and this is a new project that I'm super excited about. It's completely ridiculous, but I've decided I'm going to start leaving my books in stores and places across the city. Always with a message written stating very clearly that this is a free present from me to you, and please pass it on. (I have to give credit to my mother; I called her and told her my scheme, and as she was laughing she said, Make sure you write a note in it!)
My books musta been pretty sought after, because they didn't last a day! hahaha My friend Gia snatched them up today, and because they were so confused at cash, they made up a price!
I'll keep you updated on the adventures to unfold. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Glad Day Bookshop Autograph Session.

Glad Day Bookshop book signing session with the hysterical Trevor Campbell, and poet Kirk Dematas.