Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My letter to Nike

Dear Nike,

My name is Sarah Bertrand, and I am a 28 year old former athlete who enjoys sentimentality, avocados, and early nineties boy band music.

As a longtime Nike fan, I have to say that yours are the most powerful and inspiring commercials out there. As a former athlete, I can admit that every time I see one of your wonderful commercials, I am stricken with a sense of pride that I definitely do not deserve to have.

I assume that by producing such gold year after year, your staff must be exhausted. I have therefore taken the liberty to write you your next commercial. It involves two characters; a father and son, attempting to relate. I hope you enjoy it. I shall begin.

SON: "Dad!" *runs over to his father, embraces him warmly* "Thank you so much for coming to my game! So, what'd ya think?"

DAD: *hesitantly* "Hi Son. You looked.. good out there."

SON: "Do you think so?! Thanks Dad!"


DAD: "Andy... I thought when you asked me to come to your, football game, that meant... you played football. On the team."

SON: *confused* "I am on the team Dad. I practice with them every morning, I'm at every game, and I have my name on the bus schedule list for all the away ones."

DAD: "I understand that Andy. I just didn't expect that you were, well, the mascot, is all. But I'm still really proud of you."

ANDY: "Well thanks Dad, but you know, team representatives play a pivotal role in the success of a school/ sports teams. They're always intimidating, and a symbol of pride. I'm honoured that I was even asked. Well, the duty was more or less given to me in detention one day, but I've grown to really love it."

DAD: *silence* "Yeaaaaa. I can totally see that. It's just that, most mascots are bulldogs, or cheetahs, or bears. You know. And you... what were you son?"

ANDY: "Dad. I was a fainting goat. Duh."


ANDY: "It's a real breed Dad. Google it. When they get tense their legs freeze up and they momentarily fall over. It's an affliction they're born with, and they persevere. I think it's admirable. Because they keep. Getting. Up." *closes eyes*

DAD: "Jesus Andy! Is that why you were laying on the field like that! I thought you had heat stroke!"

ANDY: *with frustration and passion, exhales slowly* "I am ALWAYS hydrated Dad. Always!"

*slow motion spinning; perhaps in black and white*

DAD: "At one point you were just swaying sporadically and I think everyone thought you were having a conniption. What was that?!"

ANDY: "We were losing! I was emoting a struggle! I don't think you're proud of me at all!"

*water starts spraying across the sky from camera left*

DAD: "No! Son, I am. I'm sorry. I just... *exhales* Growing up, I was an athlete. Back then boys were taught that they had to be tough, or else we were made fun of ruthlessly. You've always been different Andy, and it's what makes you special. You're a brave kid, for being yourself.

ANDY: "Thanks Dad. That sure means a lot, coming from you. Say, I had no idea you were such a jock in school."

DAD: "Well I was. I was out there, every day, training hard, making sure I had those cheers down pat..."

ANDY: "Dad?"

DAD: "Oh God..."


DAD: "Yes... son?"

ANDY: *long pause* "Were you... were you a cheerleader?"

DAD: "... Yes. Yes Andy, I was. AT LAST! Ohhh, how freeing this is! To be able to tell the world! See why I was so taken aback, Son?? I had no idea there were two fancy men in our household! I am so elated that you asked me to come and watch you and your art... Andy?"

ANDY: "I love you Dad. You, and Nike. Just do it." (that is your slogan).

I believe Michael Jordan should play the father, and perhaps Michael Phelps the son. I hope you find this helpful, and I look forward to your response. Thank you for your time.

Sarah Bertrand

Subject: commercial idea

Discussion Thread
From Nike: Via Email (Kent)06/04/2012 07:40 AM
Hi Sarah,

Its great to hear your passion for Nike. Thank you for spending the time to submit your commercial idea, I enjoyed the dialog between the Dad and Andy.

As it turns out, Nike is unable to accept outside advertising ideas or suggestions for talent. This is primarily due to the problems in adapting those ideas to fit our objective, but also because of the ownership issues which could be raised if our advertising agency happened to be working on a similar idea at the same time. Consequently, it is our policy not to share outside ideas with our advertising agency and not to use those ideas in any way.

Thank you for your interest in Nike and best of luck in your future endeavors!



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