Monday, July 30, 2012



- Get down to original birthweight
- Find out what happened to original cast of Saved By The Bell
- Learn the lyrics to the Macarena, and impress people with it at a party
- Learn a magic trick, and perform it during an inappropriate moment
- Buy more robots
- Discover a cure for lactose intolerance
- Catch a falling star, and put it in my pocket, never let it get away…
- Get more tattoos
- Stop buying comic books until I’ve read all of mine
- Create a weird charity
- Marry Bif Naked
- Try and enjoy cabbage rolls
- Be a vigilante
- Take more pictures with my cats
- Get an energy drink company to sponsor my every day living
- Teach myself how to do the splits
- Start drinking brandy, and behave as though I’m living on the set of a soap opera


FASHandLOVE said...

You seriously kill me! Your mind is magical! Loved these!

Sarah B said...

thank you. <3 all true resolutions.