Monday, July 8, 2013

Inapark Does It's Pride Thank Yous.

Happy Pride, everyone. :) I am so burnt out, but I feel inspired to do this right now. This is truly the first Pride where I've ever felt, proud. Normally, I have to say, I've always looked at Pride as just another weekend, only with street drinking and being able to see more friends, which is always awesome. But it's never felt like something that was really important to me. This year was very different though. I had been feeling for a very, very long time not like myself, and this year I decided I had to get my shit together and be something better than I was. So I stopped saying no to things that scared me, and I started focusing and making goals and making sure that every person along the way knows that my journey wouldn't be the same without them there. 

Having a Pride booth is something I've always thought about since I started writing, but never thought was attainable. Through the support and help of family and friends, I was able to do this with my brother. So, thank you. Really. I hope you feel my thank you in the pit of your tummy, in the best way possible. Because that's how i mean it.

The Inapark Musical today was one of the best experiences I've ever had. It was surreal, and really hard to explain but I'll try. It's like, having this huge seemingly impossible goal, and trying to figure out how to get there. But your goal isn't to make a million dollars, or rule the world- it's just for people to know who you are, and care about what you're doing. Like, every time someone clicks on my blog, I just think that's so rad. Or when someone buys or even reads my book, I'm still so shocked that someone would put aside that time for me. It's a weird, and very humbling thing. So if my goal is to feel significant, and proud of myself, and my task is to figure out how to get there, I asked all the most talented people I know, if they'd like to be a part of it. And then these people actually say yes, for free, just to show that they support you, and then your friends and family and people you know all show up, just so you know that they did whatever it is they could to make you feel relevant, and special. So you have a sea of people infront of you, who are the best people that you know, with the biggest hearts, and you have a group of people behind you, who are so talented that it literally makes you choked up that they would put their name with yours, and you're standing there, infront of buddies and strangers who just want you to do well. This is what was going through my head when i was trying to say thank you onstage, and properly promote Melissa Azore, Cameron, Trevor, Sarah Meinke and Scarlett Bobo, and got completely overwhelmed and like a weepy baby. But, I am being rambley and definately have heatstroke, and will end my note like this. 

Thank you so, so much to my friends and family that came out this weekend to support Pauly and I. I think we had the raddest booth there was, and I got to spend the whole weekend with my best buddy in the world, and my very best friends who I adore. Brian, I learn so much from you all the time, and I'm so impressed and in awe with how talented you are. I have truly the best friends and family, and although I have no idea how I could possibly ever pay y'all back, I'll keep trying by reminding you that I appreciate you, and that things wouldn't be the same if you weren't around. Thank you for the help, the visits, the booze (sorry Mom), the support, the monetary support, the laughs, the ridiculousness, and for believing in me, and my family. I'm a lucky girl to know all of you, and I will always try and make you proud. My brother makes me so, so proud all the time, but especially this weekend. If you need a fantastic DJ... definately call him. Not me, doesn't make sense. He put together this amazing demo and people were buying it and I'm so proud of him and his hard work.

Happy Pride everyone... be safe, be nice to eachother, and have so much fun. Love you.

Sarah B

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