Monday, July 22, 2013

Newest Internet Fad.

Hello friends,

As a lot of you know, it's been a very hard month for me, and I've been finding it very hard to focus on writing. There is one thing though, that I've been obsessed with for awhile now; creating the next Facebook Fad.I don't care if it lasts five minutes- I want those five minutes. I'm like Tinkerbell, and all you need to do is clap your hands really fast, or scream or whatever the hell happens in Peter Pan, and bring this little fairy back to life. You can do that, by taking Reverse Context Selfies. For those of you who like to take pictures of yourselves in the bathrooms, scantily clad (I'm not judging), grab your phones, put on all the clothes you have, and get in the bathtub.

Clothestubbing Selfies. I'm wearing three t-shirts, three sweaters, a neck warmer, a hat, and a winter jacket. It took me fifteen minutes to get out of the sweaters. I was going to call an ambulance. Who's in?

Sarah B

1 comment:

SparklyGlamGirl said...

I didn't even recognize you with your hair down (either did Oliver)