Sunday, August 23, 2009

My letter to Dini Petty

Dear Dini Petty,

My name is Sarah Bertrand, and I am a 25 year old treasure hunter who enjoys costume jewelry, couscous, and bargains. Recently I was on a treasure hunting expedition at a local secondhand book store, when I came across a novel that struck my fancy. It was entitled, "In Her Shoes", by Jennifer Weiner. There was a movie made about this particular book (of the same name), starring Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz. This, Mrs. Petty, is neither here nor there.

As you can imagine, I snatched the book up, skedaddled over to the counter, and flung it down in a fit of panic and validation, much to the surprise of the cashier. I was a sweaty, euphoric mess. With tears streaming down my face, I purchased that novel, with a filthy wadded up five dollar bill. As I gleefully skipped out of the store with my brand new secondhand sensational find, I didn't think there was anything else in the world that could have happened to me (that day) to equal the level of elation that I was experiencing through the discovery of Mrs. (or Ms.) Weiner's piece.

That, Dini Petty, was an erroneous statement that I had made privately in my head, if there ever was one. Because as I opened the book for the first time, what fell out is something so unbelievable, I am still in a state of shock. What fell out of that book, Dini Petty, was... your signature. On a BBS cardboard autograph card. With your picture. That you had written on. Foolishly used as a bookmark.


Not only did I lack a bookmark altogether (before I had bought this book), but I had also lacked any sort of Dini Petty memorabilia in my house! Until now! I was awestruck. Exhilarated. Pleased as punch. Frenzied even, for good fortune had punched me in the face with something tangible that you had penned.

Thank you Dini Petty. Thank you for your talk show, and thank you for existing. You covered groundbreaking issues, and had on incredible musicians, such as The Moffatts and Shania Twain. Also, remember when Julian Lennon was slamming Yoko Ono on your show? That was a little awkward. But you handled it like a seasoned professional.

I am allowing my excitement to sidetrack me; for this I apologize. The reason for this letter is one tinged with a selfish motive. I have a favour to ask of you, Dini Petty. Although this autograph card now sits framed on my night table, and my level of appreciation towards you is so intense I should be ashamed of myself.. unfortunately I think that I could appreciate it that much more if it was personally autographed. To me. Like you wanted me to have it. Sarah Bertrand, 25 year old daydreamer and nostalgic talk show enthusiast. I would be honoured to proudly display your name and photo, along with my name somewhere on the photo, and a witty and inspirational inscription. Something along the lines of people like me (or me personally), being the reason that you got into the industry in the first place, and to keep reaching for the stars because you can already tell that I'm going to make it in whichever endeavours I choose to pursue. I have a really great frame already waiting for it.. it's shiny and black and 8 by 10.

I thank you again Dini Petty, for your secret selfless quest to make sure that a simple girl with big dreams such as myself, had a really good day. I look forward to hearing from you immediately.

Sarah Bertrand

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