Monday, April 15, 2013

Inapark Projects: A Realistic Portrayal of Family Night.

I think it was a few months ago, when I saw a commercial for Volcano Alley, that my obsession about how unrealistic television is began. This particular commercial portrayed a family who was thrown into an excitement tailspin about the notion of spending quality time with each other. The family is unreasonably pleased with themselves after summoning the Volcano tiki beast from board game hell. I was livid. I love exaggerating, but I hate when I feel like I'm being tricked. This is not what happens. Maybe it should, but it doesn't. There was no sincerity to this commercial at all, and as a result, I feel very few people will feed into what they're selling. I decided I could do it better. That being said and done, I created a commercial that I think is more relatable, and I bet would sell the heck out of whatever I was peddling. In this case, the board game, Operation. The names have been changed to protect the people who's personalities I have outrageously embellished (except for Grandma.)

Barah Sertrand:
"Hey guys, I picked up this rad board game. Thought we could have a nice night in, and..."

Jane Bertrand:
*obviously drunk, slurring*
"Oh. A night without your text messaging??"

*brother is playing video games*

"I just thought it would be nice to play Operation."

*screaming irrationally, and smashing controller*
"Ma! Where's my soup?!"

"Barah, did you feed the cats yet!? They're going to need an Operation if they're malnourished!"

"I'll play with you, My Angel."

"Thanks Gram, I love you. DJ, it could be fun."

*focused on television screen*
"Gram, look what's gonna happen to the hooker when I get out of the car..."


"Dad would have played with me..."

"Just like he always promised he'd play catch with you?"

"My heart is still waiting at that diamond."

"Well you can look up his number, but I think hell is long distance."

"Oh hell, my circulation's bad, and I've had enough. I'm going home."

"Where are the cats?"

*Grandma gets up and leaves. The board remains untouched*

"I miss the cats."
"Mom, soup!!!"

"If anyone needs me, I'll be doing tequila shots in the shower, sobbing with the lights out."

"If you liked playing doctor so much, maybe you should have explored that field instead of going to college for radio, and working at a pet store. Where's my pino?!"

*awkward silence*

"I'm gay."


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