Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Inapark: Extreme Promotion Tactics.

Sunday was a big day for my sidekick, Kevin, and I. I decided that it was imperative to continue, and escalate, Project Inapark: Extreme Promotion Tactics. I would like to clarify that although I do not have a sense of entitlement, I really don't see why I have to settle with being told no. When The World's Biggest Bookstore said they wouldn't carry my book, I was so livid it didn't make sense. And not because I felt like I deserved to get whatever I wanted, but moreso because they boasted, THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BOOKSTORE. Eff you. 

For those of you who aren't aware of these ridiculous antics (they're discussed somewhat recently in my blog), I'll give a quick recap. I was waiting for my friends who were late for dinner one night, and I noticed that The World's Biggest Bookstore was across the street. I had recently received a letter from them, telling me that they weren't interested in housing my books, and was displeased with all of their faces. I was hangry, so arbitrary publicity bids seemed less unreasonable, and more necessary. 

I marched on over to The World's "Biggest" Bookstore, cleared a spot on the Humor rack, and sashayed away out into the gutter to call my mother, giggling. Instead of calling me an idiot, she laughed and told me that I should write a note inside (which I obviously did). "Thank you for supporting local writers. This is a free gift from me to you. Please enjoy, and encourage others to check out my blog. Have a great day. Sarah B". I was as proud as a peacock. I thought this was singlehandedly the best decision I have ever made, as well as the funniest thing I have ever done. (I am very modest).

I posted this on Facebook, and my lovely friend Gia went into TWBB, took The Best Of, and Sketch, to the counter, and proceeded to make a scene until they let her leave the store with my books. Outrageously enough, they made up the price of $15.99 per book after reading the specific note inside. Thanks guys!), and then let her use her Plum card on books that didn't exist in their system. I thought it was brilliant. So, a thirst to outdo myself was born. Onwards and upwards, as they say. None of these places consented to my book being carried there, but I assume they're grateful and impressed with my persistence and drive. Here is the photographic chronicled account of our day. Please consider going on a scavenger hunt to find any of these goodies, and make sure you take a picture! 

Kevin and I "getting ready". Also, we were trying to figure out of reverse stealing was a crime, and how much money we'd have to pool together for bail.

The stash of signed books we were going to distribute across the greater GTA.

The Da Vinci Code-esque style cipher we were using to inform the public that my books were housed inside their establishment. I left a copy of Sketch on the ledge in the Starbucks at Yonge and Bloor. 

The Best Of, now available at the Sunrise Records at Bloor and Yonge.

The Best Of, and Sketch, now available at The Toronto Reference Library!

The Best Of now available at the Urban Outfitters at Yonge and Eglinton, inside the mall.

Thanks "Heather"! Sketch now available at the Indigo at Yonge and Eglinton mall!

People need to seriously stop congratulating me on "making it". Although I appreciate and lap up every ounce of encouragement, support and praise, there's no way in hell my book would be anywhere near Ellen's, unless done so in secret force.

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