Monday, October 8, 2012

Inapark Reviews: Taken 2

This afternoon, my girlfriend and I decided to go and see a movie, to celebrate this festive, feel good holiday (unless you're American; then it's soaked in blood and denial). We're both huge Liam Neeson fans, so we were really excited that there was a sequel to the action thriller Taken, that was released about four years ago. The Taken series keeps the same director, Olivier Megaton, which is cool because it sounds like "Megatron". I pictured this massive transforming robot, pushing buttons and flying through the sky in a trail of fire with Phoenix. Oh ya, Megababe Famke Janssen played Lenore, Liam Neeson's wife. She was also Jean Grey in the X-Men series.

Basically, the theme of the film is revenge. Bryan Mills (Neeson), kills literally everyone in the last movie; so in this movie, all of the bad guys have families that are pissed. They decided that this time, instead of just kidnapping his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), because it worked out so well for them previously, that they're going to snatch the whole Mills clan. Easy peasy, as Gordon Ramsey would say. However, there are complications; that being Liam Neeson is one bad ass mofo, who can predict every event, karate chop, and kidnapping before it happens. I know that everyone's expecting me to rip this movie apart, because I never seem to be happy, but it was awesome. It's intelligent, interesting, somehow kinda realistic. I will say that it still kills me in any movie, when the bad guys are just so terrible at everything. Like, they're the bad guys. You would assume they could shoot accurately, or at least get into a fight and tag team their target, instead of taking turns and trying to hit him one by one, until they're all paralyzed or dead. Like, be a proactive gang member guys. Geez. And the amount of time Lenore Mills was literally dragged from location to location, barely conscious and not putting up any fight at all except to yell, "Let me go!", started to get tiresome. If that was me, I`d straight up drop my legs. I`m not helping you to abduct me. Drag me, see how far that gets you. You`ll get over me pretty darn fast when you have to carry this sack of potatoes around Istanbul. Willona was livid that she wasn`t murdered immediately, for the sole reason that she was an inconvenience. We also had preteens, that I can only assume were enjoying their first day out of the house without parental supervision, screaming and yammering behind us at an unreasonable volume. "Who's that guy?! Is he the guy that killed all those other guys?!" "What's your pop mixed with?! I hate Sprite?! Can I have some more of your drink??" So she was kinda cranky to begin with. Understandably so. 

Kim, the nimble and crafty daughter, also ran around setting up bombs around Istanbul so Bryan could audibly figure out where he was, acquire a gun. NO ONE CARED about these bombs. Like, it's Istanbul; not Iraq. You'd think that even a concerned citizen would peek their head out of their window; nothing. Make an anonymous phone call to the authorities. Nope. "Explosion? Ah I'm sure it'll all work itself out." Tidbit; if you're ever trying to escape a dangerous situation, all of the houses and buildings in Istanbul are conveniently built real close to each other. You can literally run to freedom via the rooftops.

It was also my first experience with Ultra AVX; I still don't get what I paid three extra dollars for. The screen's bigger, and the seats rock. First of all, it's not like you're privy to hidden footage that the regular sized screens don't allow you to see. Not even seeing more of the room that the characters are in. Like maybe some neat antiques, or classy drapes. And secondly, I have motion sickness. So I'll keep my chair stable, thank you very much. I don't appreciate even having the option to treat my viewing experience like I'm on a ship in high winds. 

Nevertheless, this movie was sincerely entertaining, and definitely worth watching. These days, I think it's pretty impossible to escape the staple cliches that every movie genre offers. And even though the ending is predictable, you're happy that it ends up that way. As opposed to not caring, or actually rooting for the irritating or less significant characters to be murdered. 

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