Monday, October 1, 2012

Stunt Double Resume. (So far sent to Ellen Degeneres, and John Stamos.)

Stunt Double Resume.
Sarah Bertrand

To scissor kick my way onto the silver screen, and improve my core. Also, to trick someone into immortalizing me on camera, while barely adequately replacing a trained Hollywood professional. (I will be a stunt double for action sequences, documentaries or dramatic monologues. Not suspenseful scenes, comedy, or romance. No nude scenes, unless I've had a few drinks and I'm guaranteed airbrushing.) 

January 2004- April 2005 Seneca College: Graduated with Honors

- For three weeks, at the age of seven, was enrolled in gymnastics; consequently kicked out for crying and refusing to perform a "star jump" off of a pummel horse.
- Been around cats my whole life; assume I've taken on some of their agility.

- Did two months of "Turbo Jam", off and on.
- Enrolled at "Curves" for a year and a half; went six times.
- Strong.
- Unrealistic.
- Joined the YMCA; went once, for ten minutes, left angry and got cheesecake.
- Passionate.; illusions of grandeur.
- did Groupon boot camp for two months; could do 13 whole jumping jacks before having to silently crawl off into the bushes like a wounded animal, and vomit.
- Proud.

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