Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Are My Cats Gay? They Are Grey And Black.

"The other day, my cats were washing each other and they kissed on the mouth. I don't know if it was by accident or not. How do I know if they're gay? Is there a division of PFLAG that deals with this? Also, I am gay."

- Meow
"Cats are very friendly and clean animals. It is not unusual to see cats cleaning eachother. Now if you find them having intercourse then they have homosexual tendencies which is not uncommon. Felines are more of a bisexual species rather than homosexual. They'll switch back and forth. There is also Feline Aids." (I can't even handle this answer. Anything about it.)

- Truncoco
"Lol, my female dog and my female cat were friendly with eachother. One time, I saw my dog humping my cat, much with the feline's delight. So gross and weird though."

- Laurie
"No, save the gayness for humans. Cats are not gay."

- Angel Davis
"What?! I am sorry but this is a crazy question!"

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