Monday, September 9, 2013 Do Lesbians Get Their Period?

"I think it's a valid question. I mean, if you're born gay, evolution probably took away your baby makers. Do they get their periods?"

- Michael
"Being gay doesn't effect fertility, lesbians still get periods and can still make babies. I donated sperm to lesbian couples before and gotten pregnant."

"I wonder what the "homosexuality isn't a choice" people have to say about identical twins where one is gay and the other isn't?"

- Jessica Lori
"No of course they don't get their periods. What a stupid question."

- df
"you full on melt. sources: www.youareadrip.gotoschool"

"DUDE? yes! what kind of questune is that??????? if your born gay, your attracted to the same sex as you, you are still able to have babies if you want to. im not sure who told you what being gay is, but they got it WRONG!"

Hello Sarah,
The question on Yahoo! Answers was reported and deleted by one or more trusted members of the Answers community.
"Do lesbians get their period?"
Ten points have also been deducted from your account. If you believe that your question was wrongly deleted by the community and would like to appeal the deletion of your question, you can have your case reviewed.
Yahoo! Canada Answers Team

Dear Yahoo,
No that seems pretty reasonable. Have a good night.
Sarah B

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