Thursday, September 12, 2013 Could I Be Arrested For Dodging The Swiss Chalet Delivery Man?

"I just ordered three quarter chicken meals from Swiss Chalet because I was sad. I changed my mind, and had three Lean Cuisine dinners instead. Swiss Chalet is on their way; if I turn all the lights off and hide, could I get arrested for not answering the door? Also my credit card has already been charged."

- Dee
"I'm afraid that not only could you get arrested for this, but you could be the cause of an international crisis! The Swiss have always been known to be a neutral country, and I fear that if you continue with your scandalous plot against Swiss Chalet, you personally will be responsible for them turning against us! Here's my solution to your dilemma; since your credit card has already been charged, and your belly is full from Lean Cuisine (good on you, cuz I'd never be full off that!), why don't you just call them and say you've changed your mind on your delivery address and send them my way? International crisis averted! ;) Source: Hungry belly talking

- Quite New
"Simple. Since your card has already been billed, YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE THAT FOOD.
Later, a couple of hours later, you'll want that three orders of quarter chicken meal. I guarantee you'll be sorry if you paid for it and your neighbour STOLE IT because the Swiss Chalet delivery guy will just leave your order in your front door."

- Tokyo
"You were already charged."

"Probably not."

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