Monday, September 16, 2013 How do I gain the maximum amount of Yahoo points?

"I am rapidly losing Yahoo points, and I have no idea how this system works. At first I didn't care, but now I would literally break the law for one stinkin' point. How do I get more, and how do I redeem them? What prizes am I entitled to? What does it mean? And will everyone please stop reporting me? I have so much more to give."

- Johnny G
"You don't get any prizes for answering on Yahoo Answers. The more questions you ask, the more points that get taken away from your account. Each question costs you five points to ask, and each answer gives you two points for answering  If you want the max amount of points, try answering questions more than asking them. You will get tons of points that way but remember the amount of questions you can ask and answer is limited for each level account. Good luck."

- Daniel
"There are no prizes here and if you're being reported you are obviously posting something that is against the rules if you have not done so please read the rule book not everything is allowed on here. If you ask questions you lose points. To get more points keep on answering questions. If someone picks yours as the best you will  get an additional ten points."

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