Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inapark Reviews: The Bourne Legacy.

As an avid fan of the Bourne series, I was really excited to see The Bourne Legacy. It has an awesome cast; Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz (well she's kind of boring, but she's a babe), and Ed Norton. It was directed by Tony Gilroy, who directed Armageddon, Michael Clayton, and the Bourne series, which I think were all great movies. Joan Allen was also in it, but for literally about one and a half confusing minutes.

Having a $125, 000, 000 budget, and spanning 135 well rested, bewildering minutes, this action thriller left me feeling livid, and baffled.

The fourth installment of the Bourne film series was based off of The Bourne Legacy, by Eric Van Lustbader,  whereas the other Bourne books were written by Jason Ludlum. This film completely changes the plot of the last book. So many names are thrown around, when no one knows who the hell anyone is, or what their position is.

Every single action within the plot is extremely vague, where you think you kinda know but aren't completely sure. Then a confusing video comes out, and whole movie is about making assumptions and piecing it together on your own. Then there's the opening scene; what's the purpose? Oh! Jeremy Renner's attractive and sort of wolverine-y. Ed Norton wants all members of the secret club that's not really a secret anymore killed- but wait! Jeremy Renner, who plays Aaron Cross, is also Batman, and hears an oncoming missile and runs out of the cabin before it explodes. It kills someone who is part of the program too? There's a question mark, because we think so. He escapes, and shoots the missile with a sniper rifle, and outsmarts everyone by having an uncomfortable fight with a wolf, implanting his tracking device into it. The wolf blows up. This was the only part of the movie that I was emotionally invested in.

The Treadstone dudes are poisoned, and everyone who has any info is murdered. Then the possibly brainwashed Doctor shoots all of his colleagues except the babe, who obviously escapes. Ah man, it was almost perfect! "Dr. Shearing" (Weisz) is rescued by Cross from assassins, Renner acts like a depraved drug addict and somehow gains her trust, and they go on the lam.

I fell asleep and woke up the first time when my girlfriend yelled at me that I was missing the movie. The second time I fell asleep, I woke up when they very easily made it into Manila. That's when I realized that she was sleeping next to me, but I thought I would allow her to slumber because there was no reason to be conscious. I fell asleep again and woke up during the obligatory motorcycle chase, and crash, and Rachel Weisz easily makes peace with never seeing anyone she loves every again. She's also cool that her family believes she's dead. They then find a family with a fishing boat to escape, and get "lost". *giggle*

I was shocked that this was the ending. As they started to pan away from the boat, and music came on, I sat there silently chanting, "No... no... no..." and then I realized, Yes, Sarah Bertrand. This was the end.  I am furious, and I hate Jeremy Renner now. Well done, Tony Gilroy. There were literally all unanswered questions, so a  sequel is inevitable. I can tell you one unimpressed gal who will not be seeing it... and she can be found at the bottom of a popcorn bag, in tears. And her name is Sarah Bertrand.


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