Monday, September 24, 2012

Products That Don't Make Sense; The Cat- It Diner from Hagen.

My name is Sarah Bertrand, and I am a 29 year old cat enthusiast, who enjoys summer breezes, bargains, and talkin' 'bout felines.

I was recently meandering through my local pet emporium, when I came across the Glass Diner eating station, by Hagen. It caught my attention because the cat on the front of the box appeared to look as though he was upset that he had been disrupted during a candid moment with his meal. It made me giggle.

The box boasts that the Glass Diner provides, "elevated, fine dining for the discerning feline." That experience will only cost you $16.99, plus applicable taxes. This got me thinking; is this really what cats want? Because in my experience, cats really aren't preoccupied with, "easy access". In fact, I'd say they prefer difficult, obstructed access. Throw a handful of kibble into a plastic bag, or shoot it under the DVD display case; they'll lose their shit.

The two sculpted dishes are "ideal for the wet or dry menu, as well as for water." I'm assuming that this redundant tidbit was filler, because that's like me saying, Buy this cup. You can put milk in it, juice, booze, maybe even a handful of Skittles, or a pen. This cup, meant for containing, will hold it all!

This useless dishwasher safe sensation suited for the finicky feline, can also be used for toy dog breeds. So, if your pretentious pup grows tired of eating his own poop, you can coax him towards a more appropriate diet, eaten out of a fancy, ergodynamically tilted Glass Diner.

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