Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lessons Learned While Travelling Through The East Coast.

- It's so important to find and cling to inspiration whenever possible.
- Always make time to breathe and to daydream.
- In Prince Edward Island, you can't fully appreciate a song being played in a bar unless your shirt is off, and you're screaming the lyrics into a stranger's face.
- If you ask the locals about which cute little towns to visit, you will get a biased perspective. "Summerside; more like Scummerside."
- Meeting people and experiencing different cultures is enlightening and wonderful, and provides you with invaluable material.
- If you really want something, ask. The worst they can do is say no.
- Fist fighting after a night out is a regular occurrence; like getting a hot dog, or peeing behind a car.
- Everyone in the East Coast knows a bootlegger.
- "I love my babies. Do you want to buy some weed or MDMA?", is a more popular phrase than you'd think.
- Every so often, it's okay to break the rules a little, if it means experiencing something rare and beautiful.
- Set little goals for yourself. If feels so damn good when you accomplish them.
- In PEI, it's normal to address strangers, as well as good friends, as "asshole".
- Apparently all French people think Torontonians are "bullshit". A Parisian stressed to me that he speaks for them all.
- When someone asks you, "what you're drinkin'", and attempts to take a sip from their glass, but prematurely starts pouring it out before it reaches their lips, and then stumbles into the bar... it's common courtesy to pretend that you didn't notice.
- Choose which restaurants you go to carefully. You might accidentally select one that has trained their waitresses to hand you your glass with their fingers in the liquid. With every glass at the table. Even for refills.
- Smashing the counter with a flyswatter, while reaching over customers and food, is how they deal with bees at Tim Horton's in Quebec.
- If you drive out far enough, you just might find a truck stop that serves Alphabet Soup as their soup de jour.
- Stopping completely on the highway when you're blinded by the sun is "dangerous". I said I was sorry Willona!
- Make your mark in this world however you can. Don't let them forget you.

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